Men’s Aftershave Tonic with Activated Charcoal

Includes All Natural Ingredients

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Some men think of aftershave as a luxury but we believe it’s a step your skin deserves. We know that your skin will love the cool and refreshing feeling that you get when you finish off your shave with a splash of Carboca Aftershave Tonic.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that our All-Natural formula is just designed to make your skin feel nice. It works much harder than that. Beneath the surface, Carboca Aftershave Tonic helps to fight razor burn and reduce any redness caused by a rough shave or a dull razor. Carboca Aftershave Tonic will help keep your skin healthy and smooth long after you’re done shaving.

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Review for Acne Facial Moisturizer
Review of Acne Facial Moisturizer

My face decided that it’s highschool acne time again. This lotion has been great in taking care of it.

Review for Aftershave Tonic
Review of Aftershave Tonic

really refreshing stuff. Gave this new company a chance and I was really impressed. The package everything came in was a neat surprise.

Review for Charcoal Shaving Cream
Review of Charcoal Shaving Cream

A charcoal shaving cream was a new one on me. Don’t use too much, just get it nice and slick.

My skin feels good after the shave. I think it’s the peppermint oil, strangely refreshing.

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Refreshing Scent

Carboca Aftershave tonic will leave your skin smelling as fresh as you feel. We’re confident that you’ll find the scent both subtle and invigorating.

A Healing Touch

When you look at the ingredients in our formula what you’ll find is that there is a high concentration of all natural ingredients with healing and restorative traits. When you massage your skin with Carboca Aftershave, the soothing feeling you’ll get isn’t just from some temporary chemical, but from ingredients that are actively repairing any damage done to your skin while you were shaving.


After you’ve finished shaving and have rinsed your face and neck, spray a little Aftershave Tonic into your palm before massaging it into your skin.